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You Just Never Know...

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

You never know how deeply your random act of kindness will impact someone else's life.

I recently crossed paths with a woman who looked familiar, but I wasn't sure I knew. Her eyes lit up and a big beautiful smile appeared on her face when she saw me.

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She called my name I responded "yes forgive me, I don't remember you. Her reply was shocking "Well, I could never forget you." 😊 I didn't know what to say or how to feel. What could I have done to make myself so memorable I wondered.

She went on to say, "it's Janeva, Janeva Samuel's. Well that was my name at the time. Remember, we were in the same 6th grade class." Ahh I remember, how have you been I asked. I'm great she said, nothing like back then.

You didn't know but, I was very depressed and had even contemplated suicide back then. If you remember, I was always teased for being dressed like an "old lady", shy always quiet and no one talked to me. Well, accept you.

People didn't know but, my mom died while giving birth to me. I was being raised by my grandmother, who was very old and didn't have much money. Most of my clothes were second hand, she did her best to care for me. You were always so kind to me. I'd always hoped to see you again so I could thank you. Thank me for what, I asked? OMSLG.COM

With teary eyes she began to remind me of the day she started her period in school. She was wearing white pants, which made it very noticeable. She stood up and the entire class started to laugh. Taunting and teasing her about there being something on her pants. She burst into tears, fell to the floor in shame and was surrounded by a mob of adolescent bullies laughing. She reminded me that I stepped into the center of the crowd, yelled at them to leave her alone, gave her my jacket to wrap around her waist and walked with her to the office.

The memory of that day came rushing back as a tear rolled down her check. I felt her pain just as I did that day. 💔 We were just kids, I said. None of us knew what we were doing. She replied, I was depressed, tired and ready to take my life. But, you did what was right, which gave me hope and saved my life. I wouldn't be the successful woman I am today if it weren't for you.

I was humbled by her words and God's amazing hand on her life. God put me there for her and I thank him for using me to bless her.

You just never know...

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